ImmersiveTouch Surgical Simulators
  • 10 years in surgical simulation! 10 years in surgical simulation!
  • 3d and tactile 3d and tactile
  • Patient specific Patient specific
  • FDA 510k cleared FDA 510k cleared
  • Multi-specialty Multi-specialty
  • Mobile Mobile


ImmersiveTouch®-SENSIMMER® simulator

ImmersiveTouch® is a leader in simulation based surgical training and exploration. ImmersiveTouch simulators ‘immerse’ surgeons in a digitally replicated operating environment with high-fidelity 3D virtual anatomies and haptic instrument replicates

"No other institution in the world has engineered a simulator with smooth, real-time force feedback and perfect correlation between real objects in the simulator space and human anatomy structures in the overlaid virtual space."

Introduction to ImmersiveTouch Surgical Simulators
FDA approved in 2014


ImmersiveTouch and MicrovisTouch are FDA 510K cleared.