Practice on an Augmented Reality/Haptic Simulator and Library of Virtual Brains Improves Residents’ Ability to Perform a Ventriculostomy

Orthognathic Validation studies for ImmersiveView Orthognathic Surgery Planning

OrthognathicValidation studies for ImmersiveView Orthognathic Surgery Planning


Neurosurgery Simulation in Residency Training: Feasibility, Cost, and Educational Benefit

Study performed at the University of Illinois in Chicago showed that the percentage of successful ventriculostomies that residents could perform increased after they were able to explore various ventricle anatomies using ImmersiveTouch’s VR technology. Furthermore, in a follow-up survey, the residents reported that the technology would be very useful for residents to use before performing live ventriculostomies.


Learning Retention of Thoracic Pedicle Screw Placement Using a High-Resolution Augmented Reality Simulator with Haptic Feedback