ImmersiveView Surgical Plan™ for Craniomaxillofacial

At ImmersiveTouch, we recognize that each case & surgical plan is unique, therefore, we work alongside the surgeon to provide the best care possible to their patient. ImmersiveView Surgical Plan (IVSP) through ImmersiveTouch offers streamlined pre-surgical preparation with patient-specific splints and surgical guides. Along with our IVSP service, the surgeon will receive the added benefit of seeing patient-specific anatomy in VR using our ImmersiveView application. ImmersiveView is a software which allows surgeons to gain incredibly detailed insight into each of their cases while providing an interactive experience that has been proven to improve surgical outcomes.

At ImmersiveTouch, we aim to accommodate for each surgeon’s specific requirements, and successfully work to deliver cases within the desired time frame. Upload your patients CT/CBCT scan data using our online order form to get started.

Orthognathic Skull Image by ImmersiveTouch IVSP

Orthognathic Surgery Planning Process


Order 01

All patient specific information can be submitted to ImmersiveTouch using our online order form. Once we receive all of the pre-requisite data, an ImmersiveTouch employee will reach out to the surgeon to schedule an IVSP web meeting.


Segmentation 02

Segmentation of the case begins in preparation for an IVSP web meeting. Additionally, an ImmersiveView file of the patient scan data is generated and sent back to the uploader within 24 hours. This ImmersiveView file allows surgeons to quickly and easily study their patient’s anatomy in a VR space, giving them the opportunity to clearly understand what needs to be done in the operating room.

Orthognathic Segmented Skull Image by ImmersiveTouch IVSP
Fully Orthognathic Segmented Skull Image by ImmersiveTouch IVSP

Surgical planning 03

The IVSP typically last no more than 30 minutes and will provide the surgeon the ability to customize their surgical plan to their patients needs. Our dedicated team works alongside the surgeon to identify any direct changes in the segmented patient anatomy to simulate the desired final surgical results. Final placement of individual bone segments is required by the end of the meeting.


3d printing 04

After obtaining approval of the surgical plan, surgical splints and/or cutting guides are designed by our dedicated engineering team and sent to the 3D printer for manufacturing using biocompatible materials. All patient-specific models are printed with highly detailed and accurate printers and post-production processes ensure the final models are robust, polished, and smooth.


Delivery 05

A full Orthognathic kit is delivered directly to the surgeon prior to the surgery date.
The kit includes:

  • Digital & Physical Copy of Surgical Plan Report

  • 3D Printed Surgical Splint(s)

  • Instructions for Use

  • Digital ImmersiveView Files

  • Dental Models

  • Powerpoint Presentation

  • Cloud Storage

Splint by ImmersiveTouch - IVSP Orthognathic

Why Us

Improving Patient Safety is Our Goal Icon by IT

Improving Patient Safety is Our Goal. ImmersiveTouch is focused on improving patient safety & satisfaction by using cutting edge technology to enhance the surgeon’s optimal surgical performance and patient outcomes.

Our Services Accommodate Your Schedule Icon by IT

Our Services Accommodate Your Schedule. Our IVSP team works around the clock to fit your patients needs. We even do emergency 48 hour turn around cases, when applicable.

Create a Segmented VR Model on demand. Icon by IT

Create a Segmented VR Model on demand. Our software provides accurate measurements (distances, angles) prior to surgery and supports various imaging modalities.

Have Complete Freedom of Your Model in VR Icon by IT

Have Complete Freedom of Your Model in VR. FDA cleared for evaluation of surgical treatment options. ImmersiveView provides enhanced 3D visualization and complete freedom of model control in VR.

Final Orthognathic Skull Position by ImmersiveTouch IVSP

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