Medical Device Companies:

  • Device specific surgical simulations using real patient CT/MRI
  • Demonstrate products in VR at trade shows and hospitals using the Oculus Rift® or HTC Vive® VR Systems
  • Train more surgeons on site
  • Allow surgeons to pre-surgically plan cases with medical devices using MissionRehearsal®
  • Improve device training, adoption, and utilization

Collaborative, Safe, Cost Effective, And Repeatable: Virtual reality is transforming professional training in healthcare. Increase retention and reduce radiation exposure with medical VR training programs that are realistic, immersive and repeatable. Ensure all levels of staff accurately execute medical procedures and handle complications appropriately before touching real patients.

  • Drastically improves retention of topics
  • Boosts productivity
  • Increases patient safety
  • Brings an enhanced level of realism to training scenarios
  • Reduces radiation exposure
  • Improves training satisfaction scores

ImmersiveTouch provides the critical ability to reduce risk, surgical error and procedure time while improving patient outcomes, safety and satisfaction.