Comprehensive Surgical Training using the power of Augmented and Virtual Reality

ImmersiveTouch is the global leader in providing virtual reality training and surgical simulation to the Healthcare Industry. With state-of-the-art training products and services in the market, ImmersiveTouch is geared to meet your training or simulation needs.

ImmersiveTouch is the training partner of choice for Medical Schools, Simulation Centers & Medical Device Manufacturers.

We offer both AR and VR training platforms.


AR (ImmersiveTouch3™)

In AR, or augmented reality, we offer the ImmersiveTouch3 platform. With the use of specialized glasses, the user is placed into an interactive 3D environment. Trackers on the glasses keep the 3D anatomy in perspective with the user’s head motions, and the robotic stylus allows the user to feel every ridge and groove of the anatomy. Foot pedals control important simulation elements, such as the angle and frequency of fluoroscopy shots and the selection of surgical tools. The ImmersiveTouch3 platform is built into durable hardware and comes with an overhead monitor that allows others to watch real-time as the user goes through a simulation. The system is a great choice for educational programs.

VR (ImmersiveSim™)

Our VR platform, ImmersiveSim, provides users with a fully immersive experience. Compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality systems, users put on a VR headset and are transported right into the middle of an operating room. While in the simulation, use of our robotic stylus replicates the sensation of using various surgical tools, and use of VR hand controllers replicate the user’s hand motions 1:1. ImmersiveSim is mounted on a mobile, compact cart with a computer monitor for collaborative viewing, making it a smart and portable option for use in hospitals.

Both platforms:

  • Utilize a hand-held robotic stylus that mimics the use of relevant surgical tools and enables the appropriate tactile feedback.

  • Can be used to rehearse surgical procedures for enhanced clinical performance.

  • Incorporate patient specific CT/MRI scan data for heightened realism.

  • Use proprietary ultra-realistic haptic feedback to simulate the tactile sense of touch of operating on human anatomy, like the resistance of skin, tissue, and bone.

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The Advantages of ImmersiveTouch’s Medical AR/VR Technology

As an up-and-coming technology in the medical field, the potential for AR/VR is truly remarkable. Amid the growth, we are confident that our products will continue to be benchmarks within the field. Here are a few of the unique advantages that our technology offers:

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1:1 Surgical Simulation

Our surgical simulations are accurate, engaging, and scientifically proven to improve surgical proficiency.

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Patented Technology

ImmersiveSim™ Training  utilizes ImmersiveTouch’s proprietary patented technology to realistically and accurately train surgeons.

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Knowledgeable Design

ImmersiveTouch has over two decades of experience in developing augmented and virtual medical training, and has designed technology with the guidance of top surgeons within each specialty.

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Patient-Specific Cases

The ability to use patient-specific scans to create 3D cases for training provides invaluable opportunities within education.

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Surgical Case Libraries

Users are able to develop a virtual patient case library that can train staff on real-life surgical complications.  

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Step-by-Step Training

Our training environment is engaging and interactive, making it an effective tool for students or new employees.

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Display New Products

Enhance medical device training by using a realistic, fully-immersive environment as a backdrop to present new medical products in.

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ImmersiveSim™ Training makes it possible to gamify aspects of medical training, increasing knowledge retention of important procedures and processes.

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Anatomy Training

Explore human anatomy more completely than ever before with incredible detail and a new level of interactivity.


For Medical Schools & Simulation Centers:

ImmersiveTouch provides unique training opportunities for residents and surgeons by utilizing the latest technologies to educate and engage the learner. Our products offer versatile medical training modules that are cost-effective enough to fit into any training program.

Studies on virtual reality technology have proven its efficacy as a training modality, linking its usage to increased skills development, knowledge retention, and proficiency.

Many of our modules act as effective alternatives to expensive cadaver training. Each module provides instant instructional feedback to the learner and can be equipped with corrective training and complex scoring systems to improve and quantify self-learning practice. Training in virtual reality means a patient is always prepped and ready for surgery, and the trainee can practice as many times as they need, in a risk-free environment, to strengthen their skills.

ImmersiveTouch has partnered with numerous medical institutions to conduct scientific studies on the effectiveness of our surgical simulations. The studies have consistently shown that practice on our technology links to improvements in actual surgical performance in dimensions such as surgical accuracy, time efficiency, technical finesse, procedural knowledge, and more. These are the types of improvements that lead to shorter operation times, lessened surgical complications, and increased surgeon confidence.

For Medical Device Manufacturers

Product Demonstration

ImmersiveTouch can help you showcase your medical device in a completely unique and memorable way. Products come to life and key features and functions can be explored in an interactive experience that is highly engaging and effective.

Special Projects and Custom Simulations

ImmersiveTouch specializes in creating one of a kind Virtual and Augmented Medical Training. Our Special Projects division is ready to turn all your training visions into realities.

Surgical Simulation

ImmersiveTouch has been at the forefront of clinically accurate, true to the touch surgical simulation for nearly two decades. Our ImmersiveSim platform can realistically replicate a wide range of surgeries

Sales Force Training

ImmersiveTouch offers procedural & anatomy training to medical sales representatives & staff.


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