The Advantages of Medical AR/VR

As an up-and-coming technology in the medical field, the potential for AR/VR is truly remarkable. Here are a few of the advantages to incorporating ImmersiveTouch’s AR/VR technology into practice:


1:1 Surgical Simulation

Our surgical simulations are accurate, engaging, and scientifically proven to improve surgical proficiency.

Patented Technology

ImmersiveTraining™  utilizes ImmersiveTouch’s proprietary patented technology to realistically and accurately train surgeons.

Knowledgeable Design

ImmersiveTouch has over two decades of experience in developing augmented and virtual medical training, and has designed technology with the guidance of top surgeons within each specialty.


Patient-Specific Cases

The ability to use patient-specific scans to create 3D cases for training provides invaluable opportunities within education.

Surgical Case Libraries

Users are able to develop a virtual patient case library that can train staff on real-life surgical complications.  

Step-by-Step Training

Our training environment is engaging and interactive, making it an effective tool for students or new employees.


Display new products

Turbocharge medical device training by using a realistic, fully-immersive environment as a backdrop to present new medical products in.


ImmersiveTraining makes it possible to gamify aspects of medical training, increasing knowledge retention of important procedures and processes.

Anatomy Training

Explore human anatomy more completely than ever before with incredible detail and a new level of interactivity.