ImmersiveTouch Surgical Simulation Suite for Craniomaxillofacial Surgery


 Surgical Planning

Plastic surgeons can utilize our full IVSP™ platform to plan and visualize craniomaxillofacial cases. The platform includes our ImmersiveView™ software, online planning sessions with our team of biomedical engineers, creation of patient-specific surgical splints and guides, and delivery of the surgical material and reports directly to the surgeon by their desired date. Because each craniofacial surgery case is highly variable, the software and services included in the IVSP platform offer an unparalleled level of visualization, broader case insight, and a space in which to test surgical alternatives with no risk. We aim to revolutionize the surgical planning process, increasing both surgeon confidence in the operating room and delivery of safer patient care.

ImmersiveView™, which surgeons can opt to use as a stand-alone software from our full IVSP platform, is a key visualization tool for surgeons prior to and during surgery. After an ImmersiveView™ file is generated using patient DICOM scans, the IVSP system is able to generate a 3D VR model within seconds.

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ImmersiveView Surgical Planning™ (IVSP) Process


1. Order Initiation

All patient specific information can be submitted to ImmersiveTouch using our online order form or our mail in form. Once we receive all of the prerequisite data, your case will be accepted into our system. See our CT/CBCT Scan Protocol for more information.


2. ImmersiveView™ File Generation

An ImmersiveView™ file of the patient data is generated and sent back to the up-loader within 24 hours of case acceptance. This ImmersiveView™ file allows surgeons to quickly and easily study their patient’s anatomy in a VR space, giving them the opportunity to clearly understand what needs to be done in the operating room.

Orthognathic Segmented Skull Image by ImmersiveTouch IVSP
Fully Orthognathic Segmented Skull Image by ImmersiveTouch IVSP

3. Online IVSP Planning Session

Also upon case acceptance, a designated biomedical engineer will contact the up-loader to schedule an online IVSP planning session. This brief session provides the surgeon the opportunity to speak directly with the case’s biomedical engineer and direct changes to the patient 3D model to create the finalized surgical plan.


4. Case Preparation

Surgical splints and guides are designed and 3D printed using bio-compatible materials. Post-production processes ensure that the final models are robust, polished, and smooth. Additionally, a patient report detailing the full surgical planning process is generated.


5. Delivery

A full kit is delivered directly to the surgeon by their desired date.  

The kit includes:

    • Flash-drive with ImmersiveView™ file, digital copy of patient report, and PowerPoint presentation with patient information

    • Hard copy of patient report

    • 3D Printed Surgical Splint(s) and/or Guide(s)

    • Dental Models

    • Instructions for Use

    • Cloud Storage

Splint by ImmersiveTouch - IVSP Orthognathic

 Surgical Training & Education

Our ImmersiveSim™ and ImmersiveTouch3™ platforms are the only training and education products on the market that provide high fidelity 1:1 haptic feedback along with realistic user interface. Within the field of CMF surgery, surgeons and residents can practice common procedures on a variety of patient anatomy cases, learn the complex anatomy of the craniomaxillofacial area interactively, and develop an accurate sense of surgical intuition the more they practice. Each module provides immediate feedback for relevant parameters within the chosen surgery, enabling users to identify their weaknesses and trace their progress over time. Additionally, our patient-specific visualization technology allows residents to review unique cases from the past and learn how to properly plan and execute complex surgeries. ImmersiveTouch’s superior training and education platforms work towards higher surgeon confidence in the operating rooms and safer patient care.

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