ImmersiveTouch Surgical Simulation Suite for ENT Surgery


 Surgical Planning

Our ImmersiveView™ software revolutionizes the way ENT surgeons are able to visualize their cases. After an ImmersiveView™file is created using patient DICOM scans, the IVSP™ system is able to generate a 3D VR model within seconds. This model provides surgeons the ability to view each patient’s unique anatomy in incredible detail. ImmersiveView™ allows ENT surgeons to easily study the narrow openings within which they normally work and create a comprehensive surgical plan that reduces the occurrence of impromptu decisions during surgery. Users can closely study the openings of the ears, nose, or throat, measure the dimensions of relevant anatomy, and identify critical abnormalities. With the ability to gain increased insight into each case, surgical planning is done more confidently, surgeries are completed in less time, and patients are treated with the most advanced care available today.

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ImmersiveView Process

1. Order Initiation

All patient specific information can be submitted to ImmersiveTouch using our online order form or our mail in form. Once we receive all of the prerequisite data, your case will be accepted into our system.

2. ImmersiveView™ File Generation

Our team of biomedical engineers converts the patient data into an ImmersiveView™ file.

3. Digital Case Delivery

The ImmersiveView™ file is digitally sent back within 24 hours for use on the IVSP system. A hard copy of the file can also be delivered directly to the surgeon for additional ease of access in the operating room.

 Surgical Training & Education

Our ImmersiveSim™ and ImmersiveTouch3™ platforms are the only training and education products on the market that provide high fidelity 1:1 haptic feedback along with realistic user interface. This means that ENT surgeons and residents can actually feel the confines of the ears, nose, and throat, practice maneuvering through those narrow spaces, and develop accurate surgical intuition that carries over into real surgical performance. Each module provides immediate feedback for relevant parameters within the chosen surgery, enabling users to identify their weaknesses and trace their progress over time. ImmersiveTouch’s superior training and education platforms aim to provide a realistic space for surgeons and residents to develop surgical skills with no constraints on resources, and with no risk to patients.

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