Posted on Wednesday 18th February 2015 | Medical

ImmersiveTouch Inc. has received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for the Sensimmer® Mission Rehearsal® Software, making it the only patented and FDA-cleared software for simulating and evaluating open and minimally invasive surgical treatment options.

The Sensimmer® software segments imaging data such as CT and MRI scans into patient-specific, 3D life-sized models. The 3D segmentation model can be exported to the ImmersiveTouch® Simulator practice environment where surgeons can “pre-operate” on their 3D patients by using a tactile robotic arm to touch and feel the subtle differences between specific tissues, organs, tumors and bones.

The company says numerous surgeons in the United States validated the realistic feel produced by the proprietary Sensimmer® algorithms and robotic arm and surgeons can concretely visualize their procedure by practicing different techniques before entering the OR – which will lead to an ever-expanding library of modules for training and post-operative debriefing.

The Neurological Surgery Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Medical Center has been using the Sensimmer Mission Rehearsal software for more two years, and has provided clinical insight to the company during its development. Fady Charbel, MD, Head of Neurological Surgery at UIC, is the Principal Medical Advisor for ImmersiveTouch and worked with ImmersiveTouch Co-Founder and CEO Pat Banerjee in validating the platform.

Dr. Ben Roitberg, Professor of Surgery and a long time collaborator from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, welcomed the FDA clearance. “This is a very important milestone. It is key for our ability to use the device for preoperative training,” he said. “It is definitely a major future direction because ultimately, surgical simulation should be done fully in virtual reality. That’s the way of the future, and that’s how training and practice of any procedure can be repeated multiple times, cost effectively, anywhere in the world.”

Dwight Mann