Engagement and education empowers patients and increases their overall satisfaction. ImmersiveView allows you to walk patients through the proposed intervention and provides an opportunity to actively consult with them.

Through VR you can:

  • Allow the patient to visualize his or her condition with VR reconstructions of CT/MRI scans.
  • Educate patients and reduce anxiety prior to surgery
  • Empower patients to ask questions and increase understanding
  • Encourage patients to participate in final decision making
  • Increase surgical conversion rates

ImmersiveView provides hospitals with a vast expansion of virtual reality tools to educate & consult patients on their personal treatment options. Our ground breaking software helps the patient fully experience how a surgeon would treat his or her case in an immersive 360 degree VR environment, using the Oculus Rift® or HTC Vive® VR Systems.

  • Surgical planning tool with improved visualization of patient anatomy
  • Patient engagement tool improving education & patient consent prior to surgery
  • Training & education tool for residents to fly through different patient anatomy