ImmersiveSim™ is a realistic surgical simulation, using tactile feedback and virtual reality.  Our Portable Haptic Training System is fully customizable to your device & scientifically proven to increase training outcomes.


Our Product

ImmersiveSim™ utilizes virtual reality environment and haptic feedback to create the most realistic replication of surgery available today. This technology can be used to train students who otherwise would not get the opportunity to master common surgeries before needing to perform them, and can also be used by surgeons to upload patient data to plan and practice complex and unique cases. 

Compatible With Major VR Platforms


ImmersiveSim Details


Not only is ImmersiveSim an engaging platform, it has been scientifically proven to improve training outcomes in its users. The system comes as a portable unit and can be customized for each client's specific interests. Because it can be repetitively and collaboratively used, it is a cost-efficient tool for any surgical environment.


Medical Device Companies:

  • Device & Procedure specific Surgical Simulations
  • Realistic Tool & Tissue Interaction
  • Scientifically Proven to increase Accuracy, Retention, & Proficiency while reducing errors
  • Demonstrate products in Virtual Reality anywhere - from trade show to hospital
  • Portable Haptic Training System
  • Augment cadaver training, increase repetition, lower costs
  • Improve device training, adoption, and utilization

Medical Training & Simulation: 

Using ImmersiveSim technology, ImmersiveTouch can create highly realistic, immersive, and repeatable medical VR training programs that are as engaging as they are accurate.  Utilizing our Patented Haptic training platform, practitioners can practice on a “digital twin” of actual anatomy and dramatically increase the number of procedure practice sessions they have, increasing Proficiency and Accuracy.

  • Improves retention of topics
  • Boosts productivity
  • Increases patient safety
  • Brings an enhanced level of realism to training scenarios
  • Reduces radiation exposure
  • Improves training satisfaction scores

ImmersiveTouch provides the critical ability to reduce risk, surgical error, and procedure time while improving patient outcomes.