Utilizing CT or MRI data, ImmersiveView converts DICOM scan data into a “digital twin” of the patient and provides a completely unique and unobstructed view of the case.  No longer limited to certain angles of view, doctors can easily view the target anatomy, clearly and accurately, as just as it exists - In 3 dimensions.  ImmersiveView makes it simple and intuitive:  Physicians handle the scan as if it were a physical object in the palm of their hand, observing from every angle to get the very best understanding of the situation, even flying into the anatomy to take a closer look.

ImmersiveView is compact and easily transportable, and loading patient-specific data is simple and efficient, making it a versatile choice in both planned procedures and acute trauma cases.  ImmersiveTouch is ideal for viewing critical scan information in all areas of the hospital: Radiology labs, ORs, ERs, and doctors’ offices. 

ImmersiveView is also a useful tool for Patient Education and Engagement.  Patients can better understand their condition, and physicians have the opportunity to walk patients through proposed interventions, actively consulting with them to determine the best therapeutic choice for their unique situation.  ImmersiveView can be used to reduce patient anxiety, reinforce patient understanding, and increase informed consent for medical Plans of Action. 

ImmersiveView provides:

  • Review of patient-specific scans in 3-dimensional Virtual Reality
  • Unobstructed views of anatomy from every angle
  • On-board Surgical Planning Tools
  • High Fidelity and Accuracy
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Portability
  • Patient Engagement
  • A unique and affordable imaging solution