Virtual Reality Cerebral aneurysm clipping simulation with real-time haptic feedback

17 residents were asked to practice clipping an MCA bifurcation aneurysm on the ImmersiveTouch simulator. The participants were then asked to fill out a 24-question survey based on the practice session.

The results showed that generally, the residents responded positively to their experience with the simulator. Notably, 67% of participants felt that the simulator had 3D anatomical details that bore a close resemblance to real operative anatomy, that the simulator could provide accurate guidance for deciding surgical approach, and that the simulator was useful as a pre-operative training tool. 33% felt the simulator provided very realistic haptic feedback for aneurysm surgery in its current state. Overall, the residents felt the simulator would be a valuable way to train for aneurysm cases, especially because residents are often not exposed to aneurysms until later in their residencies when they are faced with complex cases in the OR.

“The participants gave high marks on the ability of the simulator to build on residents’ current understanding of aneurysm anatomy. The question whether a patient-specific aneurysm simulator would help them in preparing for the aneurysm clipping surgery if they have time to rehearse on a model of the same patient was also rated highly by residents, as was the simulator’s ability to help them plan the approach to get to the aneurysm.”

Alaraj, A.; Luciano, C.J.; Bailey, D.P., et al. Virtual Reality Cerebral aneurysm clipping simulation with real-time haptic feedback. Neurosurgery. 2015 March; 11(0 2): 52-58.



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