The VR Flight Simulator for Surgeons

Surgical Planning

FDA-cleared ImmersiveView Surgical Planning (IVSP™) lets surgeons step inside patient anatomy in immersive 360-degree virtual reality to improve surgical outcomes like never before.


Surgical Training & Education

Our VR surgical simulation platforms allow surgeons to practice and rehearse surgeries using uploaded patient scans in a realistic and zero-risk virtual reality environment.


ImmersiveView Surgical Planning (IVSP)

The IVSP platform converts 2D patient scans into high-fidelity 3D VR models for visualization, provides a full range of tools for surgeons to plan their surgeries, and comes on a mobile cart for surgical teams to use intra-operatively. IVSP’s ImmersiveView™ software, which also comes as a stand-alone product, is able to generate 3D VR patient models within seconds.

IVSP is an FDA-cleared platform, as well as being HIPAA compliant and CE certified. The system is mobile and compatible with all Patient Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) systems.  


ImmersiveSim™ Training

Our ImmersiveSim™ and ImmersiveTouch3™ provides the most realistic replication of surgery available today. Surgeons can plan and rehearse surgeries in a virtual reality environment that accurately replicates the surgical anatomy, environment, tools, and sensations with advanced haptic feedback. Our platform has been scientifically proven to improve training outcomes in its users.

Both platforms are FDA-cleared and CE certified and use patient specific data to simulate surgeries.

The Scope of ImmersiveTouch Technology

Our services are currently being used in a range of different surgical specialties.

Witness our technology’s impact on patient care.

ImmersiveTouch aims to equip surgeons with tools that positively impact the quality of care provided to patients.

Once you put the goggles on, you’re in a different universe. You can see the anatomy in a way you could never see it before.
— - Pravin K. Patel, M.D., Chief of pediatric plastic and craniofacial surgery, the University of Illinois Health & Medical Science Center and Chicago Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Early Adopters of ImmersiveTouch


In the Press

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