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ImmersiveTouch is at the forefront of virtual and augmented reality applications in surgery. The company’s unique digital surgery platform enables surgeons to determine the safest, minimally-invasive pathway for complex surgical procedures. The proprietary technology combines 3D VR imaging with tactile experience and strong feedback. Frost & Sullivan recently awarded ImmersiveTouch as the most innovative surgical simulation technology in North America. The technology has been widely adopted by leading academic medical centers.


Our History

Founded in 2005 by a group of engineers and surgeons, ImmersiveTouch is building the next generation of medical Virtual Reality (VR) software. Surgeons are currently planning complex surgical cases using our FDA-cleared VR platform. Hospitals are improving patient experiences using our ground breaking technology. Residents are training for surgery using our simulators.

Virtual Reality Platforms We Use


Virtual Reality Software Engineer - Chicago Studio

As a virtual reality software engineer, your role involves working as an individual or with a small, task oriented team of developers and artists You will design and develop next-generation and ultra-realistic, digital surgery solutions. Join a team of creative and passionate developers and artists, utilize cutting edge game engines, graphics, haptics and dynamics simulation techniques to create stunning simulations of the human anatomy, design revolutionary tools for surgical planning, and save some lives while doing it.


Computer Graphics Engineer - Chicago Studio

ImmersiveTouch is looking for talented graphics engineers to work on next-generation, ultra-realistic digital surgery solutions. As a computer graphics engineer, your role involves recreating elements of the human body in extreme detail in a real-time rendered environment based on patient-specific data, including not only organs and tissues, but also blood and fluids. You will utilize the latest computer graphics and shading techniques to achieve unprecedented realism.


3D Artist - Chicago Studio

We are looking for a talented 3D Artist, where you will be working with a small, task oriented team of developers and artists, to design and develop the most realistic scenes for ground breaking user experiences. You will be creating high quality visual content for our products and you play a vital role in development.