ImmersiveTouch Custom Projects

From simple anatomy trainers, to sterile field procedural training, to complex simulations with haptics, and everywhere in between, ImmersiveTouch creates visually stunning trainers and educational products to fit your unique needs.

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We follow a simple four step process to turn your imagination into reality.



1. Consultation

No other medical training company has more years of experience in Virtual and Augmented Reality than ImmersiveTouch.  With over 15 years of experience, and over 25 years of research, our highly qualified team will work with you to craft an experience sure to delight, entertain, and teach your audience in a highly memorable way.


2. Design

Whether you are looking for gamification of a surgical IFU, augmented training for hospital procedures, or full surgical simulation, ImmersiveTouch has you covered.  Our creative and accomplished team can help you create something unique and special that will have your training, marketing, and sales teams raving.


3. Production

Our team has worked on hundreds of surgical simulations and medical training, making ImmersiveTouch the most accomplished and capable partner for your project.  Our well-honed production process ensures both accuracy and efficiency, ensuring your finished project is exactly what you need.


4. Delivery and Training

Once your project is complete, we will personally deliver your VR system and project, and train your team in the proper use and care of the system, be it a portable or permanent installation.  We want to ensure your team has everything they need for success, and that you know we stand behind each and every project.


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